Tanya Morgan – Abandoned Theme Park (EP)

Available November 11 2016


Enter Through The Gift Shop
The Record
Stoop (turnitout)
Who Are You
Exit (rideout)

Produced by Che Grand

hi guys!


Tanya Morgan show dates for March 2015 (West/South US)

The SXSW Telethon Tour Poster 2015 ALL3-11 Los Angeles – Low End Theory
3-12 Tucson – The Scratch Shack
3-13 Phoenix – Diamond Lounge
3-14 Santa Fe – Underground @ Evangelo’s
3-15 Las Cruces – Haphazard Hall
3-16 San Antonio – Raven Hookah Lounge
3-18 Austin – The Market 10pm
3-19 Austin – Dive Bar 4pm
3-23 Houston – Alley Kat
3-26 CO Springs – Flux Capacitor
3-28 Idaho Falls – Keefer’s Island
3-29 Boise – The Crux
3-30 Portland – The Know
3-31 Eugene – Granary
4-1 Sacramento – Blue Lamp
4-2 San Jose – Back Bar
4-4 San Fran – Honey Hive
4-5 Oakland – Leo’s

Tanya Morgan “Worldmade” Official Video

MOAR VIDEOS: Enjoy the video for “Worldmade” off of “Rubber Souls” turn it up LOUD:

Starring Angela “Overkill” Hill
Directed by Alex F. Ghassan & Presented by BKLYN1834
Produced by 6th Sense!!!!!!!

and if you missed any of the other 4 visuals/videos from this album, have a field day watching the videos for “The Vehicle”, “Eulogy”, “Never Too Much” with Nitty Scott, MC, and “Pick It Up” right HERE.

American Angster.

To celebrate the release date of the original, I’m here with my remix version of “American Gangster” titled…you guessed it…”American Angster”.

I remember when I did this project. It was all because of my man R. Scott Wells hitting me up and convincing me to mess with it. Some of these tracks have even been picked up by colleagues as original songs. This is a favorite project of a lot of my listeners and some people have asked me to put it back online as they either hadn’t heard it before (newer fans/listeners) or lost their copy of it. I still get in the same mood that REALLY inspired this (haha) and thats how “Duly Noted” got made, but this is the angst that started it all…hahaha

If you’ve never heard this, I hope you enjoy. Its where I was as a producer in 07, right before Brooklynati. Currently I’m working on producing my next solo project (untitled as of now) and still promoting the latest Tanya Morgan album! Rubber Souls

Check out an article from soulbounce about the original release of my remix project HERE


Rubber Souls CD x LP (link)

(stolen pictures from instagram, son)

The day is here! Rubber Souls: the album. iTunes / Amazon / etc.

or right from the label site http://imprint180.com/store/

The CD includes “I Aint Playin” and the Colored Vinyl LP includes “Bae Bro” (bonuses)

We need your vote (aka purchase) so please pick this record up! It took a while to get to this point and it was all worth it. We tried something that was different for us and it paid off by way of…I dont know, some good music! I’m trying not to be cliche (lol).

If you’re in the NYC area come see us at the SoHo Apple Store on the 26th at 8PM. We’re gonna be in there performing music off of this album. Consider this your invite.

I’m gonna go throw up from anxiety now.

From Picking it up to Starting it up…

Since I am too lazy can never figure out how to embed certain streams to this site, check out the track we did for the DEMOS documentaty titled “Start It Up” HERE:


The documentary will be streaming today at 7PM EST