check the fly sh*t son.

Okay lets recap…where we last left off pseudo slang was about to
miss the boston show because they got the van late. Well they missed
the show, but thank god we got paid anyway. Not as much as we were
supposed to though. The opening act bought the whole crowd! Good thing
he was performing…lol.

We came off wit 31 beans each. You can’t be serious. Were supposed to
obviously get more then that and that’s not going to cut it. That’s
not cutting a damn thing.

We slept on a friends floor and got up the next day to meet up with
pseudo and get on the tourvan. We then met tableek and now its like 10
people in the van with mad luggage too. For about 8 hours from boston
to buffalo. We had to give up 120 in gas money. Do the math, do the

We get to buffalo and big neeze and his friends are there. It was nice
to see a familiar face but we were already stressed because a we got
31 damn dollars the night before and b were not supposed to be paying
gas money and shit. Niggas broke.

That’s like going to work and paying 24 dollars in train fare but you
make 6 dollars a week, then you have to chase your boss down for the
paycheck. Tonight we rocked buffalo man. 33 dollars a piece. Here’s
the thing…if the crowd is small and its bullcrap “door money” with
no crowd? What are we dividing? Not much at all.

Oh yea…there’s no show til monday in cincinnati so the 4 of us (tm
and filthy) are taking a greyhound to cincy to have somewhere to stay
til the show monday. I’m on the greyhound right now. We left right
after the show and now were on another 9 hour trip. Another expense. 8
hours and 120 in gas to make 33 dollars, then these greyhound tix and
another 9 hours traveling to this show in cincy which may be the same
shit. I’m dreading getting back on that tour van after cincy I really
am. So far this tour is super ugly and we can’t live off 30 a night
after all the effort put into it. No hotel, no gas, no proper pay,
dues? Effa paid due this is just crazy were pulling money out of our
butt and its not right. Hopefully a better situation is around the
corner. Its 4:34 am and the bus leaves 4:40. I’m on vacation when we
get to the natti.

I love hip hop but this is rediculous. The poor tour 2006.


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