i started “grand vonye” back in 2004…early 2004 at that. then i…oh the name. like grand marnier but vonier looks like “von-yea-r” and vonye looks like “von-yay!” and thats how we say “grand mon-yay” anyway…maybe thats another rap pronounciation massacre like “may-back” and “chris-staal” LOOKWHATEVERTHECASETHESHITISCALLEDGRANDVONYE.

and i dont care what you think about that name! im sorry, i just have a complex now that people are listening…like, i think i have to do what i think they want now. maybe i spend too much time online looking at criticisms but i know people nitpick and come across like eddie in MJ’s “remember the time” video…sitting there waiting to be entertained and if they dont like it you’re fed to the lions. FUCK and THAT. 2 times. thats a whole nother rant that i wont start.

anyway grand vonye is a…mixtape :-(

i dont like mixtapes. i know the lessondary has nuff mixtapes between them but im just not into mixtapes anymore. i love the clipse but i dont even listen to the “we got it 4 cheap”s like that. i mess with mixtapes that are basically “street albums” like spec boogies’ “brassknucleraphustle” and little brothers…all the mixtapes they do (haha) because its mostly original songs (meaning not rapping over an instrumental).

but grand vonye is something that i left to collect dust back in 04 and donwill would ask about it every once in a while. that was the only meaning it had…one person asking about it (haha) i dont know why im finishing it, because i hate mixtapes! actually i do know why…because in the back of my mind i miss the experience of recording nobody’s “what album?”

that was a week to myself recording shit for no reason. not for a chess move. just recording shit. call me too much of a romantic but i just like the feeling. doing songs so so and so can hear it or so and so can put it on this and get it to that person etc. is…im kinda over it already. no political shit i just wanna do songs and have em come out dope. theres hardly anywhere to buy cds from anyway! the record stores are closed down! get a job already! leave me alone! bitch im broke! (c) cody chestnut….im convinced theres no money to be made.

if you havent already noticed im slowly losing my mind. im on that good Mariah. if i was somebody this would be on a gossip blog as soon as i hit “publish”

but yea, im going to finish grand vonye (jack benson makes an appearance btw) by next week hopefully, then go back to workin on “nobody’s perfect” and “the double entendre” (it aint really a double album i was joking lol)


4 thoughts on “GRAND VONYE!

  1. point1: new music, be it political or you “doing you”… all good.

    point2: Yeah, you lost your mind. I should talk…

    point3: Everytime you use the word “biddies” I think old ladies… I know, I’m wrong, but I’ve got the image of a nekkid Estlle Getty in Blazers. EEEeeewwww.

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