dead mixer

if you ever heard a von pea verse other than von sees or word from our sponsors or the loosie stuff and wondered “why does this sound like crap!?!?!?!?” well 1) youre a fake ass bob powers and 2) its probably partially due to this mixer right here. i keep it ghetto with the plastic cups and i run my mic through this (pause?)

(taken with the ill camera phone. 000000000000000000000000000.9 megapixles son)
and its dead now.

turned it on to make a beat earlier today, and it worked
turn it on to make a beat about a half hour ago and no sound came out of it, but you could hear the music in the cue…not the outs though.

one day ill get a real recording mixer and just sample/run my mic through that. AND GET A GOOD MIC! but until then?

im getting another cheap ass mixer. why? shit you read donwills blog and were in the same group. put 2 and 2 together. WE BROKE SON


2 thoughts on “dead mixer

  1. No way….That’s the first mixer I ever had (the Lineartech with the sampler built it, WHAT!!!)…I even had some Lineartech bd-1600 turntables to go along with it (Music Factory/Beat Street Beginner Package, WHAT!!!)…Lineartech is mad ghetto though, I can see why things been sounding rough all these years…I’m suprised that thing has made it this far…

    -Low Key

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