so im gonna revamp this blog a little

its definitely still going to be about me and my music, but i have to throw inspiration in here as well. what inspires me and why. also, this will make me want to blog a little more…

todays inspiration comes from Platinum Pied Pipers.

oh im not about to talk about it, f*ck that im hungry and its almost 1. i havent eaten yet and i have things to do! im simply linking one of my favorite PPP songs. lets talk about touring though. that tour aint going on anymore. why? who cares…lol

our bookin agent is trying to get us on this other joint though, i really wanted to hit the road with blu and them since im such a fan but everything happens for a reason right? yo…dont be fooled….we’re holding on by a string right now. the new album is nothing but 3 or 4 really really really really rough demos and we havent done a show since the brooklyn hip hop festial. im tired of the song of the month shit but weve committed to it til december 1st and we got one hell of a jam for september 1st. thats only 3 left and i couldnt be happier. tanya morgan isnt all we got going on though, so dont think im sitting around mad that theres other stuff on the front burner. It does scare me that were not really working on it though. I think we should take one month and work on nothing but brooklynati…all 30 (or 31) days. no collaborations, no solo stuff, i wont do any outside beats, nothing but that…with the head start we’ve had for a while, the bulk of the record could be knocked out in that month…

im just thinking out loud, this blog entry isnt meant to say im sitting around waiting to work and they’re not, we all have other things were doing right now. with that said the next TM album will NOT turn into some blackstarr shit…this album WILL be fully recorded and finished in 2008.

p.s. IM SO MAD IM NOT ON DREAM MERCHANT 2 SON! i was waiting in line to be on that album since i met 9th :-(
9th if you see this this is NOT meant to come across as a dis at all. its just, you know, i think im kinda nice. everybody better be on that muhfucka rapping better than me! lol!


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