real quick

-its “b girl” not “big girl”

-for the love of god, stop saying “big girl” because its “b girl”

-why the hell would it be a big girl crying because the radio is playing the same song all day long? unless shes a b girl as well.

-im talking about the roots joint “rising up” by the way.

-black women in sun dresses is fitty times better than being dressed on some hoochie shit, because youre still basically naked but its more socially respected.

-niggas be hating. thank god that i live in brooklynati and can do whatever the hell i want.

-skyzoo if you see this, i aint bullshitting, i just wanna finish writing my part and have a rough idea to send you

-aeon if you see this, i didnt forget about “blow your mind” i just been busy working on what you heard on sunday lol

-heinz if you see this, i didnt forget tona’s joint…or YOUR joint…tell drake stop playin and put at least one of them songs out haha

-****** if you see this, we’re still doing that album inspired by THAT MOVIE. we only spoke about it once but its happening. SHHHHHHHHHHHHH…

-i went to uh…preview someones album and seen tanya morgan’s “the bridge ep” available for download. thats what i GET!

-obama. lindsey lohan. hillary. britney. usher? kanye. free glow in the dark tickets. porn. (thats for the google searchers)

-aeon (again)….you shouldnt have told me that!!! LOL! I WOULDA CAUGHT YOU MAN! NO HOMO.


8 thoughts on “real quick

  1. It still sounds like “big girl” to me, but I’ll check the liner notes to be sure

    and this reads like a lot of music is being made and Aeon was with a bitty on the creep and you wanted to catch him

  2. Random, yet riveting, lol…

    Who’s hating? I’ll get ’em!

    I keep a blade in my fro – You didn’t know?

    Because Jerzey is ganxta like dat. lol

  3. lol@ doin the heisman…

    yo von! how can i get the Beatmaker cover… got it but i cat get it off the site

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