I have a very important question

do we have a “song”?

what I mean is…lets say you come to a tanya morgan show. what song do you expect to hear? I know we don’t have a huge following yet (yet mufucka yet! (c) radio pea) but still, what joint would you say “oh they have to do that, that’s the main song!”

cause see I think its “we be” but I think ilyas thinks its “walk my way” and I don’t know what joint don thinks, but we act like its “and you say”

when fans usually compliment us its “I love the mixtape” or “the ep is crazy!” or “moonlighting was my shit!” but there’s never really a specific song. in chicago it was “yall better do cuddle bums!” in pittsburgh “where’s waiting for you/sitting at the bar?” in denver “do pretty!” and in virginia I think some dudes wanted to hear…we bad or something.

but ok the question isn’t what’s your fave as much as it is what do you think our main song is. pretend we’re kweli and hi tek…what’s our “the blast”?

p.s. if you feel we don’t have a main song say that too. and name your fave anyway.

thank you a lot.


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  1. we be, walk my way, and and you are my basically favs wat a coincidence…. I guess since I love everything TM it doesnt help. But in addition to those I’d wanna hear cuddle bums, ode to tanya, so sweet, golden ticket, hooks and she moved outta cincy. But I’ll say We Be is your “the blast”.. Yall better hit LA gosh darn it!

  2. well depends on ur venue. if ur show is str8 TM fans, u gotta do some classics: So Sweet, We Be, We Bad, Sitting at the Bar, Triangle Offense, Stay Tuned, threemcs, Take the L (i would say that wud b the main song), and Rowdy. And if ur with Che, Gosta do One, Trainspotting and And You Say. (but thats jus me lol)

    but then if ur doing an opening joint for some group/band/performer (call it x *math head*) then u gotta do joints to get the crowd into u. something like: Walk My Way, We Bad, Take the L, Cuddle Bums, Pause (if u got Dilla fans in the house), Everybody Sucks, and You Should Know (with or without Naldege)

  3. In Pittsburgh, I definitely one of the people to be hearing Waiting For You/Sitting at the Bar because I remember the first time y’all were here you actually dragged a dude back into the place taking a smoke break to perform it for him specifically.

    We Be is definitely up there. Everyone knows what Aeon’s joint is, and I partially have to agree with his bleeped answer because that’s what won you guys that contest that has (has it? I’m not sure of the effects) created a bigger buzz for the TM product/got the sponsored mixtape.

    The classic has to be We Be though (even though I teethed off of We Right Here), and what pumps the crowd up is ‘Bout to Be Some, The Bridge, and And You Say That’s a straight crash course of what may be defined as a TM set. But yeah, We Be and **** ** *** is what I expect to hear among anything else. I forgot Stay Tuned, but whatever.

  4. “we be”, easy. i’m personally tired of it, but not only is it the joint that really made me a fan, but there’s the video…the 12”…etc.

    a lot of people who don’t even listen to ya’ll know you guys as “the dudes with the myspace video”…don’t forget ethan lader went on to do that kidz in the hall video which was on MTV/TRL.

    “we be” is a great introduction song, “the blast” is a good comparison but i feel like you guys can still have your “get by” so technically you don’t have THAT song yet. Kweli barely preforms “the blast anymore” (sadly…i’ve watched his stage show fall apart over the past 5 years) but usually ALWAYS closes his sets out with “get by”. hopefully on “bklynati” we hear that, especially since the growth between the first LP and the EP is like WOAH. don’t force it (like i gotta tell you), but if you build it…they will come. no homo.

  5. hi von!
    well, for me, your main live show song has to be “take the L”.
    the choreography! classic tm.
    but yea, i do wish you’d do “pretty” more often.
    it’s my getting-fresh-to-def-to-go-out-on-the-town song. the beat is so sexy!
    ok, hope you’re good

  6. I would have to say Take the L & We Be. If I were at a show (which i hate i missed the Charlotte show) i would be hyped to her 4 Men (Movie Skit and all)!

  7. honestly, i passed on you guys the first time i heard you. i downloaded sunlighting and wasn’t very impressed. but like a week later i had my windows media player on random and “She Moved Outta Cincy” came on and i’ve been a fan ever since.
    but now my faves are
    -Walk This Way
    -Cuddle Bums
    -We Bad

  8. i love “hip hop is dead II”………wooooooow ,i just dowloaded……yeah, i said it……the bridge ep….and i freakin love it!!!!

    i def will buy the album when its comin out.

    we be is hella tight, as well as we right here and paper thin!!!!!

    keep doin u and keep makin tight music!!!!

    c from germany

  9. sittin’ at the bar is one of my favorites…i’m still waiting for the mix that you cats use in the live show though!

  10. Hmmmm…damn… It’s a toss-up, since I love you guys’ entire catalog.

    On stage y’all are live, but y’all get LIVE when And You Say comes on, but:
    Stay Tuned*
    Cuddle Bums*
    Walk My Way*
    Take the L
    Sitting at the Bar
    The Bridge
    …are definitely faves.

    *Uhmmm, I’ma neeeeed y’all to do those (gets bribes ready) lol

  11. “We Be” will set a party off but “Walk My Way” is THE joint

    and Stay Tuned is my shit too. the one joint i used to play for people to put dudes on to TM was “We Right Here” but the mix wasn’t that great on it

  12. yeah, in chicago ‘cuddle bums’ was definitely that hotness, lol.
    ‘walk my way’ is definitely my jam; ’bout to be some’ gets crowds mad hype (don & ilyas gettin’ their Incredible Hulk on was hilarious too, lol). next time y’all come to chicago do ‘hooks’ & ‘stay tuned’ for me, aight? thanks.

  13. Up until this point, gotta say “Stay Tuned”. Everything else is still straight fire for me. Just keep doing what ya’ll doing and keep making that real music.

    The VI is feeling TM. Trust me.

  14. I would have to say Chez Tanya, am I the only mofo that picked this joint? lol. Damn yall

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