We Doin Our!

before we set this off, please peep the previous blog! be there if you can! please!

okay…we doin our. produced by this guy:

I never NEVER ever enjoy making beats around other people. I’ve never been on the “5 beats a day for 3 summers” tip so when I finally do sit down to make a beat like once every 3 weeks (I know…horrible) it never sounds good after the 1st sitting. I come back a few times and tweak and tweak and re-chop and re-play and re-program and tweak some more until its right…even if it still sounds like it took 10 minutes.

I said that to say this: this track came about after I went over to don’s apt and tried to make a beat on the fly. it didn’t work out at ALL, jack. at ALL. I went home embarrassed and as I was en route to my crib I played the original song to this and basically broke it down in my head. I got lucky that it turned out how I heard it in my head, once I got home. I sent it to il and don later that night and they liked it.

the interlude right before this song was produced by aeon (of “walk my way” fame. the song that helped us win that showcase in vegas.) and you hear it a few more times on this project. he actually was making that beat and asked for my input…I took it raw (PAUUUUSE) and put it on the album. he probably doesn’t consider it finished…oh yea, he hates “we doin our…” lol

my favorite lines, based on what was said OR how it was said:

“pea is free they sendspace my bass, zshare my flair, megaup my cuts, n***a what the f**k? itune my tunes! real store for more! you never up your bucks :-(“-von pea (yes i made a sad face in the booth haha)

“all the checks scream my name, in a definite pitch, inner devil in fits, but i raise my level of sense, to seven from six, my inner son and moon are in an eclipse”-ilyas

“check one…check 2, who cashing mic checks? word is bond im cashing in on rhymes i aint write yet!”-donwill

next week: filthier interlude aka place aka “where the hell is black milk?” lol


9 thoughts on “We Doin Our!

  1. this fuggin EP is so dope… i just got in the mail yesterday and ive already played it like 5 times… once on the road (along with the Spec CD i got at the show), twice in my room, once in the shower, and once on the ipod. bananas!

  2. BC3 that sucks man. download that shit til it comes! lol

    but seriously, thats wack. i hope it gets here within the next few days. i know what its like to wait for a CD in the mail and its not fun.

  3. unrelated
    And I Love Her is the 2008 The Listening

    even though it’s his 4th album you get what im saying

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