the further adventures of von pea: the final liner notes

(I will update this later with a link. im on a bus headed to philly so I can’t right now, but I wanted to do this while its fresh on my mind)

so I was born and raised in the projects, im still there, the only difference is the caucasian penninsula surrounding me now (haha no offense to anyone, that just sounds funny to me. im not racist!) anyway, biggie said “either you’re slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jumpshot” and this is just an extension of that line. he made it a hot line and I tried to make I a hot song verse. its based on what I’ve grown up around and what I’ve seen. I have had friends that have lived option a and stll are, I try to stay away from anyone living option b (lol) but I’ve known those guys too. im happy to say the main one I knew stopped and got his life right. I just seen some cats I grew up with getting their “option c” on, and I was happy about that. as I said I ended up with option d, and as far as I know everyone else found a job or they’re looking for one and trying to stay away from option a. im purposely doing this to make you play the song right now. haha…this was a last minute addition to the project.

when I told aeon about this project he was like “YOU’RE GOING TO USE ‘THE EXCLUSIVE’ RIGHT????” haha…this was supposed to be me alone rapping about one of my best friends that was killed in 2002. I had written and tried to record it but honestly it was too hard. it’ll happen one day when its supposed to, not on a promo project like this. so I had one hell of a plan b: call up median and get him on the track. then call up elucid and get him to close. I hadn’t spoken to median in like 10 months so I was hesitant to ring him up like “yolongtimenoseeBEONMYSONG!”. not to mention, if you know me, im not a big fan of being on the phone, id rather be in person if were voice to voice…im weird.

anyway I was sitting in bbq’s downtown brooklyn waiting for my crab cakes to go (haha) playing my ipod on shuffle when “the exclusive” (the original madlib joint the instrumental comes from) came on. then (prepare for the overdramatics) I looked up and I was on livingston street. that’s medians last name. I turned the ipod off and called dude immediately and we talked for like 90 minutes. he sent the verse a few days later. elucid is in the family so its never a thing to work with him, and that was that. the talking before this was me just talking about an incident that occured in the ft green area, you may have heard about it from common: the dudes ran in the barber shop and killed a dude and common had just left the barbershop…well donwill was across the street with our a&r/homeboy dom, and they were waiting for 8th w1. If I wasn’t recording I would’ve been there too! I guess all the rappers were at the wrong place at the wrong time!

one man circus:
I was in…seattle when I wrote this if im not mistaken. I had left the show we had there and was walking and writing again. I do remember having to rewrite some of it when I got back to brooklyn. ilyas wasn’t on the tour with us and he wasn’t on this project so I told myself I didn’t want that to look suspicious. I asked him to be the ring leader for this song at the last minute so he’d be on the project too and we did that “live via email” haha…

bonus: the joint with the quasimoto beat aka “computers” as meka from 2db calls it (haha)
back in what, 2005? I had came up with an idea…and im about to just give my idea away, and see who bites it in 20 years: I was going to purposely make an album for my whole career and finish it at the end of my career and put it out on some swan song shit. this song was going to be on it. its not my beat, but I was on it like yo…its the end of my career? im going out blazing, if I want to use someone elses beat fuck it! im retiring anyway! my last day at the office im taking all the staplers with me!!!” hahaha…well I got 2 songs in and changed my mind. its not a bad idea at all but I just decided against it. I mean I could always do that with unrelased songs later but im not holding onto a good song until its dated for time capsule purposes, im putting it out now!

anyway this song was actually inspired by…why do I feel like I told this story already?…inspired by 3 women. the first one was tall, brownskinned, thicker than mcdonalds milkshakes, and had jet black curls in her hair. she went to my school and id always see her. I had a girlfriend, not to mention she would’ve probably eaten me alive, so I never said anything. I did notice she was from barbados like my pops is. a single von would’ve at least broken the ice with that and made a new person to say “hi!” to in passing. lol…second girl, I think her name was maria and I met her through a friend back in like, 2000. she was in his class, and he and I weren’t cool like that but I kind of “used” dude to meet her. then the story moves to this girl that used to come over and flirt with me to use my computer. hahaha! this was like 2003. when she needed to type something up shed come over all flirty and shit, then disappear and turn my shit into a computer lab. I will say I wasn’t THAT much of a simp and I never really wrote any papers for her, just let her use my computer. the end of the story came from the time she got mad my computer wasn’t working and hung up on me. that was the end of that. closed chapter.

so I think that’s it for now? I probably owe yall the story of “how low” from the bridge ep. I don’t know if I told that one, not much of a story though.