Track 10 – Never 2ndary F/ Jermiside, Che Grand, Elucid, & Spec Boogie

this wasnt on youtube either, so this janky live performance will have to do. it should start at 6 minutes, but if it doesnt…go to 6 minutes haha

you need to know everyone on this song (you see that merch booth to your right!) , so ill break down the order for those who dont know who is who:

first mc:  jermiside of the red giants

second mc:  che grand

third mc:  donwill (lol @ the video i used for don)

fourth mc:  elucid

fifth mc:  von pea

sixth mc:  spec boogie

seventh mc:  ilyas

producer:  brick beats of the red giants

these guys make up some of the lessondary crew. we took this beat and kicked it in the balls and threw it down a flight of steps. the end.