Spec Boogie – “Sessiondary” b/w “bang!”

Side A: “Sessiondary” f/ Donwill produced by theefunklord

Side B: “Bang!” f/ Von Pea, Elucid & Che Grand produced by Aeon

we’re hearing this for the first time together! haha…nerd music talk: my verse is a lil too “on” the beat but fuck it, like sodomy ((c) L.E.G.A.C.Y.)

“if hip hop kills me it wouldnt be violence, itll be stress, you niggas need guidance, forget about press, who the hell told you i want to be next? who the hell told you i wasnt right now? they were both wrong, people will understand when my grandchilds four, you camped out for, a pair of air yeezys, but aint spent a dime on his cd…PLEASE…
why fill up a rhyme book when i can be a success off of one good look? i messed up growing up listening to tribe, the [Mr.] Davis i idolized shouldve been Clive, i came in the game thinking ima change lives, the one i 180’d was mines, still broke, no woman should wanna have a baby of mines but ima get up my gravy in time…”

…swear I wasnt depressed when I wrote this rhyme. I believe I recorded this around the time brooklynati was about to drop. this also might have been written the DAY I realized a lot of people care about everything other than the music. forgive me, I had no idea this song was coming out today or I wouldnt have went on a rant last entry. now it appears im all bitter and shit. im really not, seriously. quite the opposite. von pea has an office space mentality. even when he speaks in 3rd person. lol…