Rubber Souls CD x LP (link)

(stolen pictures from instagram, son)

The day is here! Rubber Souls: the album. iTunes / Amazon / etc.

or right from the label site

The CD includes “I Aint Playin” and the Colored Vinyl LP includes “Bae Bro” (bonuses)

We need your vote (aka purchase) so please pick this record up! It took a while to get to this point and it was all worth it. We tried something that was different for us and it paid off by way of…I dont know, some good music! I’m trying not to be cliche (lol).

If you’re in the NYC area come see us at the SoHo Apple Store on the 26th at 8PM. We’re gonna be in there performing music off of this album. Consider this your invite.

I’m gonna go throw up from anxiety now.