From Picking it up to Starting it up…

Since I am too lazy can never figure out how to embed certain streams to this site, check out the track we did for the DEMOS documentaty titled “Start It Up” HERE:

The documentary will be streaming today at 7PM EST




Koncept – Space Mountain f/ Tanya Morgan

Quelle Chris – Greene Eyes f/ Tanya Morgan, Fresh Daily, & Cavalier

The video for “Pessimistic” will be out later this week and I’ll post it. Do you have Duly Noted yet?

…you dont do  you?


Well, here’s some Free music for you anyway

Tanya Morgan & Spec Boogie – “Poison Clan”
click the green “down” arrow next to the song wave)

& I’ll leave you guys alone about anything else for now. I dont want to keep crying wolf and whatnot.


Von Pea & Aeon – Duly Noted (EP x Instrumentals) / “Things Have Changed” (Video)


iTunes LINK

Amazon MP3 LINK


The Instrumentals are included on the CD as well. It’s been a short while that I’ve been talking about this project and its finally here. Moody samples, unquantized drums, raps about nipple slips, cook-outs, Willie Aames, infinity pools, insomnia cookies, unpaid phonebills, sadness, unverified twitter accounts, Air Yeezys in the mud, and random shouts to John Varvatos and  Joker The Bailbondsman. Thanks to Hipnott (Kev!) for the push and Aeon for being the renaissance man he is. Give this album a few listens because its not super long and there’s a lot going on so I think it takes more than one listen. We could use the money; Aeon has more records and cool camera lenses to buy and I have more fast food and sneakers to buy. Roshes and Smashburger. Thank you in advance.

Now watch the video. My first try at…”directing”. We spent MILLIONS on this.
(We didn’t go back to the hood, we live in the hood lol)

(what video is this a subtle tribute to?)

What I’m doing this year.

  • Expect the TM album produced by 6th Sense this Spring (sound? live instruments…kind of a more serious version of The Sandwich Shop EP)
  • Expect the Von Pea & Danny! “PeaSwain” LP this Summer (sound? if I produced Where is Danny and he produced Grand Vonye.)
  • Expect Tanya Morgan’s “YGWYPF” LP this Summer (sound? hmm…I don’t know how to describe it but Brick produced my favorite song so far.)
  • Expect….THIS later this year…do NOT sleep on THAT project. LAWD.

That’s 4 totally different projects. Not even the 2 TM ones are alike at all. We released “You & What Army” in November but other than that we haven’t really been putting music out and this is what I’ve been up to. Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scratch that, working on my masterpiece.


update on release dates

Donwill “Laura’s Tape” is out now but you already knew that. its free and you knew that too!

Donwill “Don Cusack in High Fidelity” comes out March 23rd but you knew THAT. thats not free.

Donwill & Von Pea “The Sandwich Shop: because hoes gotta eat too” comes out some time after don cusack. shortly.

Von Pea “So Motivational: The Most Skullduggery of Mixtapes” is still coming too, I held onto it to record new music for it instead of all blog cuts from last year like the original plan was. I’m going to say late April on that one.

…and PGHI 9-7-10 but thats not here nor there

oh and TM3 early 2011

Coming Soon!

February 11th – Donwill “Laura’s Tape” Mixed by King Most

Sometime after that – Tanya Morgan’s “Bang & Boogie” Video

March 23rd – Donwill “Don Cusack in High Fidelity”

Sometime right before that – something top secret that you’re going to LOVE that might remind you of sunlighting/nobody/grandvonye/welcometoloudminority (im not saying shit til its finished)

March & April – Von Pea “So Motivational: The Most Skullduggery of Mixtapes” parts 1 & 2

September 7th – Von Pea “Pea’s Gotta Have It”

DJ Slimm presents: My favorite Tanya Morgan joints

download it here:

and you can stream it here

to Dj Slimm…*nods to you* thanks for this. spotted over at the dopespot.

this mix is dope and unexpected. wow, we have a lot of damn music out! 2 eps (sunset and the bridge), 2 mixtapes (tm is a rap group and sunlighting), and 2 albums (moonlighting and brooklynati)…and then some. what we gon’ do next? a lotta shit. (c) donwill on “paper thin”

for example:

March 23rd…