Tanya Morgan “Worldmade” Official Video

MOAR VIDEOS: Enjoy the video for “Worldmade” off of “Rubber Souls” turn it up LOUD:

Starring Angela “Overkill” Hill
Directed by Alex F. Ghassan & Presented by BKLYN1834
Produced by 6th Sense!!!!!!!

and if you missed any of the other 4 visuals/videos from this album, have a field day watching the videos for “The Vehicle”, “Eulogy”, “Never Too Much” with Nitty Scott, MC, and “Pick It Up” right HERE.


PICK IT UP (…video…? yeah lets say video)

This was impromptu but lets call it a music video. We have other videos coming too but consider this the first. “Pick It Up” off of that damn Rubber Souls album THAT YOU CAN PREVIEW AND PRE ORDER HERE

This was shot at rehearsal for a show we had at the new Knitting Factory in BK (man do I miss the original Knitting Factory…and Southpaw for that matter…sigh) and also shot at the actual show. Brian Petchers (who directed THESE THREE VIDEOS) filmed this. I’ll stop screaming at you via hyperlink now.



What I’m doing this year.

  • Expect the TM album produced by 6th Sense this Spring (sound? live instruments…kind of a more serious version of The Sandwich Shop EP)
  • Expect the Von Pea & Danny! “PeaSwain” LP this Summer (sound? if I produced Where is Danny and he produced Grand Vonye.)
  • Expect Tanya Morgan’s “YGWYPF” LP this Summer (sound? hmm…I don’t know how to describe it but Brick produced my favorite song so far.)
  • Expect….THIS later this year…do NOT sleep on THAT project. LAWD.

That’s 4 totally different projects. Not even the 2 TM ones are alike at all. We released “You & What Army” in November but other than that we haven’t really been putting music out and this is what I’ve been up to. Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scratch that, working on my masterpiece.


So Damn Down.

3-16-09 EDIT: i want to thank everyone who has posted “so damn down” all over the internet. seriously, thank you so much.

click here to listen and download

yo im not editing for the reason you might think im editing….

…im editing because i gave the concept away *foot in my mouth edit*

anyway, this is the 1st joint from the hit smash album Brooklynati, in stores May 12th! what stores? record stores! where is a record store? i dont know! hahahaha…

long live fatbeats and amoeba and rasputin

p.s. were so damn UP right about now…you betta ask somebody.

Happy Holidays to all!

i wish you all a happy holiday, or of you dont celebrate any of the holidays, i wish you a prosperous new year…09 can be yours! your goal is waiting for you, go get it! for real.

in other news, i dont have any presents for you guys. we been hawking free music all year! lol!

no wait…i actually do have something for yall…new lessondary radio episode! “lessondary radio: ilyas exists! part 1 of 2”

the podcast page

fake tracklisting (these are the close enough to the real titles, im just having fun with it, not trying to hide the song titles or nothing):
CBFG & Homeboy Sandman play Horse
Vons Favorite Break-o-Rama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! f/ Ced Hughes, The Words, Pete Rock, Hov,  Oddisee, & Unknown
Q-Tip f/ D’angelo say: “both of these are love”
Little Dragon “Tia’s Recommendation”
Common “sum shit i inhaled”
Donwill and Ced Hughes are so Paranoid!
Royce, Guilty, and Elzhi had Verbal Intercourse
Hov is trying to make History
Souls of Mischief like telling Tour Stories
H.I.S.D. be gone of Patron (don: souls pun intended)
The roots get live on the Mic
Dwele said its all about the Jeffersons

and a lot of talking.

see yall later….

a future without a past?

my motivation is mad low right now to be honest, haste makes waste, so i wont be slacking and cutting corners to wrap up the album, but i just want it to be over yo…i met a gypsy and she hipped me to some life game: i was told that i want something and i can have it, but i wont get it until i…how did she put it…basically i have to be thorough if i want whatever it is i want. you know what? shes right. the only problem now is…im being thorough, but what the hell do i want? before we get into that, lets go back to motivation.

my main motvation was excitement over other peoples music and seeing it be received by the listeners. now let me see….what was it, below the heavens? that was my modern motivation for brooklynati…it was proof that music can do it on its on. below the heavens, aquemini, low end theory, the score (with pras, wiseass) and….hmm that may be it. low end theory and the score because both albums were sophomore efforts where they came back on some hyper-themselves shit. like, tribe came back with a perfected version of their talents on the first lp, same with the fugees. aquemini was outkasts’ 3rd album but it sounded like a perfected version of atliens to me.
recently “tronic” has been an inspiration because once again, someone that came back a perfected version of themselves.

that raises this question though: all for what?

you cant depend on rap money, you cant depend on rap fans (to be fair, as a rap fan, i cant depend on artists either), and as a child all i wanted was someone to say “that album you made was a classic!!” and “your album just went platinum!!”. ive heard one of those two statements enough times to finally at least accept the compliment and not say “nah man *nervous laugh*” and im sure ill never hear the other one, unless im standing next to T.I.

maybe the only realistic goal for brooklynati should be that it makes us at least popular enough to not have to answer the “why the name” question anymore….but my goal for it is to change some kids life, to make them want to start rapping…heres the catch, they have to be meant to rap! imagine the album being the catalyst to the next jay z or something. i like that goal because it shits on this godawful instant gratification thing thats become so popular in the past few years. its not a goal that depends on first week numbers, it doesnt depend on buzz, it doesnt depend on how many collabos youve done or how many #1’s youve had or how many mixtapes you made or how fast you can make a beat or which rapper you punched on youtube. it all lies in the hands of time. even if its not rapping, maybe itll be some singer that heard it when they were 11 and it made them start singing.

the person this album is for isnt even reading this. they may not even know how to read yet. they may be 2 right now, and when they’re 14 they’ll find your old iphone and laugh at how throwback it is, but then discover brooklynati on there…and listen…and be blown away…maybe.

all of this is for a reason though.

tommorrows my birthday.



a list of what i want:
1) an empty white room with this button in the middle of the room.
2) a real doll thats painted like the “low end theory” girl
3) everyone to download “the further adventures of von pea
4) everyone with a blog to post the link to “the further adventures of von pea” on their blog
5) a special made iphone made to look like the cell phone special ed had in the “on a mission” video
6) a lapdance from rae don chong
7) mofos to stop sending me beats
8) “hardcore gentlemen” on a cd 15 times (inside joke)
9) about 55 more birthdays
10) the same exact cake ive been getting for the past 27 years (spoiled mommas boy)

im not doing anything special, other than getting #1 off of layaway, so if anyones looking for me, ill be in the room pushing the blue button.