Tanya Morgan “Worldmade” Official Video

MOAR VIDEOS: Enjoy the video for “Worldmade” off of “Rubber Souls” turn it up LOUD:

Starring Angela “Overkill” Hill
Directed by Alex F. Ghassan & Presented by BKLYN1834
Produced by 6th Sense!!!!!!!

and if you missed any of the other 4 visuals/videos from this album, have a field day watching the videos for “The Vehicle”, “Eulogy”, “Never Too Much” with Nitty Scott, MC, and “Pick It Up” right HERE.



Koncept – Space Mountain f/ Tanya Morgan

Quelle Chris – Greene Eyes f/ Tanya Morgan, Fresh Daily, & Cavalier

The video for “Pessimistic” will be out later this week and I’ll post it. Do you have Duly Noted yet?

…you dont do  you?


Well, here’s some Free music for you anyway

Tanya Morgan & Spec Boogie – “Poison Clan”
click the green “down” arrow next to the song wave)

& I’ll leave you guys alone about anything else for now. I dont want to keep crying wolf and whatnot.


more stuff to promote!

coming tommorrow:

donny goines “the breakfast club” free album. im on this, and its dope. seriously.

spec boogie “scissorhands” if you been keeping up with the installments, spec is rocking over movie themes. the next one is edward scissorhands. produced by me! the warriors joint was genius if you got what was going on, and im sure this one will be too.

donwill “lauras song” maxi single. give him a dollar damnit! this is going to be on itunes at midnight.

this is all tommorrow. im going to be busy (we are going to indianapolis, columbus, and pittsburgh to perform with wale and colin munroe. check the myspace page for more information on those shows) so please check 2dopeboyz tommorrow to get the first 2 and itunes for the last.

okay now im going to go finish lusting after half of the girls on charm school. the school uniforms >>> naked bitties in sneakers. no pedo.