Lyrics? Somebody Want Lyrics?

ill be posting up song lyrics here as i see fit. crtl + f to find a certain song by name (if its here) more to come.

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Tanya Morgan:

the bridge ep:

the bridge
Von Pea, I’m ahead of the game, I warp zone the microphone, I cheat code the beat,
flow’s abundant, keep shows erupting,
the fans leave like kids with candy,
when I flip a beat they trick or treat,
they in for the latter, the hymns leave em flattered,
I trust it wasn’t a bust,
commute “well” worth it I leave “horse” it seems,
every “rachel” and “samara” is trying to give me a “ring”,
bling, you are so rich, but you are no “this”,
leave compettitors irregular…no shit?
Pea’s a predator, americas, #1 fear,
a black man working between his ears,
I don’t follow you hoes my woman is my peer,
my weapon is my expression I speak and leap tiers,
echelon devon, the 1st out the limo,
and next out the ghetto and last brother to quit so…

we doin our…
nyc, I’m all for, my hometown but um, no more,
I can’t see, paying these fees,
trying to live alone you need 3 degrees,
Pea is free the sendspace my bass,
zshare my flare, mega up my cuts,
what the? itune my tunes,
real store for more, you never up your bucks,
the numbers are in and I’m gonna win,
just hand me a pen,
everythings changing and folks keep strangling,
hard earned cash, but they’ll be mad if I dash,
I aint even mad “haha” hear me laugh?
we aint in the same boat, I am in a cab,
I’m experimenting, I am in the lab,
dexter, extra flair with the flash…

filthier interlude aka “place”
von pea starts the track so off the bat,
I don’t leave home without the ball leaving,
don’t cease poems without the bar raising,
we been around ask the fans where they been,
hopefully caking, you need 15,
cause I need this green to be this emcee,
I had big dreams and my alarm rang,
so now the songs sang in a whole nother key,
I got a “foot in the door” I’m on an odyssey,
but before I give my cue, you gotta meet pea,
chickens is side hating and they wanna eat pea,
but I make em all “duck” like [black] milk and rick dees,
awesome, he aint god but don’t cross him,
vons in command I damn ms-dos em,
yall been the man since…damn, you just lost then,
often I kelis the beats and just boss em

got to get done
ev-er-y day I sit wishing I was still at school,
thinking about the 2nd album or at jean’s playin pool,
like e s, to the pea’s in a zone uncharted,
knowin when the month is over bills make the money slow up,
as soon as they show up, the person in the back of my mind is like “grow up”,
okay but what if I wanna dream and awake still in it? like for real live it, its possible I just did it!
I get it, oh, the safe way, take tre,
one of my boys he figured “eff it ima make cake”,
used to be an artist but the hustle was the hardest,
now he live vicarious, for homey ima carry this,
no I won’t elaborate, the games at the coroner,
didn’t hit the funeral, my people tried warning her,
spoke to her midnight its now 3:40 a,
hour ago I could’ve sworn we was onto somethin…


on our way:
give it up to, the one who come through,
like lambskin, von pea the has been,
because I been had something with the pen pad
when missy was in glad bags with the ann sample,
before the rap flags flown at a half mass,
because of half ass raps with a wack dance,
I be the last cat that’s gonna just laugh,
im gonna adjust that and summon a just path,
I used to just rap with a lot of punchlines,
doubled my meaning now im mean and you’ll adjust fine,
I keep it growing cause a hand me down is lower,
and more of me is given if it fails as a living?
im still of gods mission you relate to my sinning,
and please keep bidding on the men who aren’t giving in,
by the way…

alleye need:
ayo hold up just chill don’t rush me man,
while I grope the groupies I touch my fans,
brick beats hooked the beat up,
im skinny so the women be like damn baby eat up,
while I kick my feet up,
we’re fittin’ to bubble like the backside of vida,
don’t ask why the features aint featuring you,
critics will listen once, not even a week to review,
give it a 2, but the kids will keep listening to it,
my man 9th said pea we gotta get the adults,
I said p we gotta get to em both! 8 to 80,
trying to wake the babies have em listening close,
so way before they hit 18 we get the vote,
tanya mo aint a popular crew as usual,
but I get more props and stunts than guru,
a poet like langston, you hatin like plankton,
want my ingredients? fine, take them, here’s what ill give to ya…

so damn down:
see this go around im going around any obstacle and giving the
popsicle to critics and hospitable women,
see, I can use that as a dis or use that as a gift that comes after a
kiss, I can slay her mafia style or slayer like justin, horse head in
the bed soon as she wake it up when, vons on the mic lyricism aint an
issue, soon as I write it down they write it up, simple!
I used to get paid by the week, never got paid by the streets, now I
get paid by the beats that’s a fancy way to say im broke as hell these
rappers mayne…
they will myspace you quick, but ask for a dollar and its “damn that’s
a grip! ill be right back…” thank god I can jog while paving the
track, cause im the main one that know what to say on the tracks and
we out…

bang & boogie:
I was in the village with my cousin mike willis,
reminiscing on the baby sitting watching dobie gillis,
nick at nite, chicks alike walked past us, as us
turned around and looked both with ass like dancers,
mike said iight cuz, now I got the right buzz,
middle of the day but hey its looking like a night club,
grabbed one and asked hon, hey are yall sisters?
both looked and laughed, “hey im melissa. and this here’s whitney, yes
like houston, met em on houston, here’s the confusion, in no way am I
saying we had game, but a half n hour later melissa was all brain,
whitney is with me, in the gap dressing room,
this is real fun but, this is rea dumb, “whatever you two are doing im
a call security!” left the double m’s and then we ran time to boogie
b, I was only 18 young dumb and full of it, cousin mike was gully and
the 2 twins were hood with it, no it wasn’t worth it, was the last and
thhe first yall, only benefit was it helped me write a verse

don’t u holla:
fully awake on tour cause my dream is there,
took a cab to the show and hopped out no fare,
breaking the rules is rare, I mean I would’ve paid happily,
living show to show tm not the act to be,
but after me is none, I wouldn’t trade it in,
last show that we headlined, I barely made it in,
who are you? von pea, where’s the woman that you sing with? are you in
the band, video I never seen it,
I mean its a line fam, and you aint on the list,
go and check with the promoter and back up off the rope
paying dues is a mother and it never ends,
but I aint settling til im settled in, indeed

hardcore gentlemen
I remember when I first met you it was special,
you pulled up to my car, put the pedal to the metal,
she’s soft, she’s cute, she’s looking very fly so,
then I just looked into her eye, she said hi,
I said hi, yes I really dig you,
took her to the movies and got her hella skittles,
we gotta have kids, we gotta get married,
take her to my crib and watch harry met sally

plan b
I took the road to college, but never to be a road scholar,
I never made it to a kappa chapter von pea would much rather, sit in
his dorm and dream to perform,
they say the day you give ups the day before the pick up,
it used to be an a&r, and they were saying nah, you waiting to sell
lookin at your cell, they don’t call,
and so I gave it all I had and then away,
maybe my cousins can get the buzzing,
im calling it a day, pay it don’t,
figure id make the most, out my little degree,
but (ended) up placing clothes, on a rack,
I should’ve went to iraq,
on a mission while forgetting that I rap,
actually in a sense, its ironic, I unwrap now,
and I could pick it up, id put it back down,
cause I aint 17, they call jigga old,
what ever happened to pea? man that kid was cold

shes gone aka without you
when i met you, i thought i hit the jackpot,
i was a fiend at the crackspot,
and i want you to know, when im out at a show,
people ask about you, how the hell they know?
and though i, still love her i dont know what to do,
heard she stopped djing and now sells shoes,
my…first record i got it from her,
it was a teenage love and the way that we were,
and the way that you f..heh, with me i aint never mind splurging,
you turned me out cause you was nothing like a virgin,
helped me escape, and we were still there,
now im still here, and you are nowhere,
and its nowhere i can go to be with you,
but i thank god he let me grow as pea with you,
tuesday me and you day, now im over your grave with a bouquet…

never 2ndary
everybody else is this high, and me im this guy, my level is ahead of them all,
gold medal of the ghetto make a rebel applaud,
and these fellows arent special so they settle for loss,
unseen invisable, pea being lyrical is pea being literal,
i typically give it to the crowds and im critical of critics who allow,
these gimmicks to arouse them while dissing astounding shit,
im guerella im without permits,
we gorillas and without the mist, 20 20,
and ever since ‘clef and L said “many many”
i been creeping to score, im t, left, and chilli,
and other mcs say pea left em dizzy,
is he really calling himself skinny biggie?
pretty, please i spit it for “gimmie gimmie”s
and give it to get em giddy for pennies, have pity…

just not true
with soul revealed, fingers fill,
colorless compositions with the comps opposition,
the dames remain replying dang,
i rhyme with a leash, to restrain those lacking lifes lease,
please keep away from the renovators,
wouldve been the foundation if i made it to earlier ovulation,
no need to boohoo over the spilled yoohoo,
i may have missed “parade” instead i made “voodoo”,
instead i made new school, new books and pens, better lunch,
never punch in? well that depends,
see we correlate to kings when we orchestrate your dreams,
rhyme with an ill mind like im from the Phillipines,
and if you not feeling me youll never feel a thing,
when i sneak into your room, lit match and gasoline,
this rapping is your theme if youre known for a w,
mr still winning still freaking untouchable,
yall are too comfortable

morgan blu
her boy friends donny and a fish called wanda,
wacky neighbor il, and the milk man vons a,
little on the shy side, but i seen the brother stage dive of a high rise,
giving hi fives, step aside wise guy,
you a small fry on peas nuts like in five guys,
living five lives, 4 of them are whoring and the 5th ones following,
kick drum bodying until im done profitting,
classified classic like christmas in hollis,
or the chris of ms. wallace,
minus any puff polish,
pea was never regional, his fb’s seasonal,
sb sneakers and a mother freaking pikachu,
now im skinny biggie with a 20 key midi,
and a pretty freak bitty that i met in queen city,
and she got on the pill after 23 jimmy’s,
cause i got enough suns and they all want a penny

crazy love
yeah, still with her, shes still my girlfriend,
you mightve seen me in and out of the hood,
with another on my sleeve, baby its all good,
never the queen in my deck, we just shuffle and step,
a little crazy 8ing you more than a play station,
we can do much more,
i took her to in and out for a 2 by 4,
and we were thru by 4,
which means 3:59 i was full of remorse,
in the bathroom doing that what am i doing crap,
wishing that i could leave by 4:15,
knowing all the really wants is a 2-14,
but in the meantime settle for me, mr cheat? ugh…
as or wifey her leavings unlikely,
every other day she like why do you like me,
well baby it might be, that attitude of yours,
and oh yeah, the beauty that you have and you ignore

were fly
i got my yankee on wild and my stabs type spotless,
by the time you hear this theyll be spotted,
but i got another pair that i aint wearing no this aint no hipster rap shit,
since i was a prodigy they told me that i rap sick,
rapping sick’ll sell when them kids start noticing,
when i get the focusing others cant find their opening,
going towards the tokens but knowingly keep the notion
of strolling amongst the dopest of flowers without breaking a sweat,
and when im with the flowers get the flowers,
i place em in grave danger when i show up,
and i tower over plainness,
but 9-11 aint this, i been laden with hymns,
pretending aint up in him…greatness

just arrived
man a lot goes on when i talk to fans,
unsolicited advice and we should have
and we should do, im me youre you,
man god would throw a fit if we did switch,
he’d send a sign, son, you are not the listener and he dont rhyme,
you can listen a lot, i seen csi twice but i aint no cop,
and you aint helpin if you aint gon cop, what? you said it was hot!
and then you have halfway listeners,
listening only to say they heard it, then they giving us
the thumbs up if a thumbs up is in,
thumbs down if we aint in the trend,
i couldve sworn when i told yall over that guitar and horn
we had shoes to fill that yall knew the drill,
i aint in my momma crib cause i fumbled how i live,
im a bright man, not behind a desk but a mic stand,
and since you wanna help, when i move out,
yall grab the television, you lamp, you couch,
you get the otherside, nevermind the beat i ride,
stop reaching for the wheel, play the passenger side,
tank on full and the rear view’s teasing,
i was just there and i left for a reason,
you looking at the shoulder thinking about leaving?
no hard feelings, peace, no grieving…

forgot 2 say
man i can walk around like i do it for self,
but i dont do it for health i got the truest of wealth,
they say the top’s type lonely,
keep me on the tier with my peers,
in a barrel no crabs we eye sparrows,
they eye us right back,
so i dont have trouble sleeping after a night cap,
a toast to the right track,
i could ride to work and lock it up at the bike rack,
but id be pretending to like that,
now it all begins with a listener,
maybe they’ll remember a,
song that hit em and figure us to be the realest of,
the nuts in the gallery,
tired of granting amnesty to these,
stuck and gassed up stars in the galaxy,
me and my suns are like the center of attention,
out for the rings, not just an honorable mention,
hustle forever, but youll need that support from a stranger,
so to your fans dont be a stranger

more coming soon


9th wonder – Streets of music
young enough for ipods, old enough for walkmans,
too young for park jams, by the time I came they sealed street lamps
no more of that vibe,
but everywhere I went there was still rap, I
grew up in Bed Stuy, real life Mookie,
listening to “buggin out” walking past “Pookie’s”,
I guess it helps build character,
older gods listening to Kane talking Africa,
Smooth Operator, Cee on the fader, Cee lead to Big, and you know what came later
you wanna talk music in the streets? imagine “Hypnotize”
blasting as his body was carried through Bed Stuy,
Diddy had Mase, and the cops did too,
pepper sprayed during our brothers parade,
we just wanted to send him off properly and thank him,
music our outer sanctum, its a wonderful year.


further adventures of von pea:

von pea from tanya… (eh eh)
here to give you sucker ducks a reminder… (eh eh)
youre green with envy you’re like slimer… (eh eh)
nigga get the sand out your vagina… (eh eh)
and if she got a heavy bottom and accepts my mistakes like hillary rodham i’m a let her say “i got him” / this aint an lp, this aint a mixtape, i dont really know what to call it other than great / if this was 98 you’d be dubbing the tape, and if madlib hear it im catching a case… / von pea dot com, but you dont gotta love us, we got moms / annette, beverly, and beverly, now i reach the kids…linda ellerbee. / i dont rap like this for the whole record, have some damn patience, time aint awastin, / you aint doin nothing but sitting in momma basement, talking on ichat…listen to my “rap…is outta control” so im here to take the batteries from out the remote and switch em…

i keep hope alive, keep dope alive cause these dopes are liars, these blokes should die, this aint spoken lies, these quotes are mines, with each note i try to breathe hope in lives…thats me, the last and the first, i crash land on earth the bad man i hurt….the track, and dance half my verse its fun!

rappers spitting that hog wash and lost, childish, trousers, osh kosh bgosh, mom haircuts, mop tops and crocks, came and you went i stop watched your flop…easy, this aint for kids, misplace your writtens, you 5th place and sick, this is just for kicks, im way more equipped…

without beat…from motel to suite, in one verse i leaped…from no sales to jeeps, coat tails and freaks, oh hell im lying…still motels, no riders, no “fail” but why are our sales so dire? i dont know, but i’m a keep hope alive like i have said prior, and when im back on some 9 to 5er…

web 2009

…and it weighs a ton, since i was acting bad in front of the nuns, now im in a wrapped van and running for months, exes coming to the shows hungry to cut, now homeboys, im not trying to ice grill or sit around contesting mic skills, when you know damned well i gave you slight chills, i moved in the house now, we dont gotta pay up the light bill, von pea came through and he aint playing, im me, i dont need iM to okay it, i put it in a cadence and the people obey it, they put it in they favorites soon as i save it, and im fittin’ to pack rat the rap game, give it my last name, and also abstain from any come lately, trying to take me on a ride pitchin lies, man i aint atheist, ima get where im goin when i get there, you might spit but it sure isnt as this rare, no hype, no favors, or pollying, just cause what i writes the flavor, im prolly in your top 10, and i dont mean your top friends i look into your itunes nice im top spins, i write like i do not got friends, my back to the ropes and the world is watching but i got them, no similac in a niggas raps, if in time you dont get attached? theres been a lapse, now ready for the rapture, soon ill make waves with all the heads like nu nile, turn it up if its too loud, strain the gain, do it in a major way, ghetto, flavor flav, paper plates, the neighborhood that houses dana dane from 88, von are bacon WAIT! lost a fan, i was 85’n damn, dont hate me, pray allah guide the man, til then i have plans hide your fam, tell em, i got time like felons, i go in the crates chop beats and then sell em, you can tell the envious eyes of those welling, all pride aside as the mass keeps yelling, trying to dis me in your blog check the spelling, embed a video and a song and email it, maybe we aint selling cause we lack court settlements or aint really gelling to fellas that lack melanin, it lacks lackluster, im backpack but the way i put it together the fab cats trust us, abstracts down to the snap cats peeped anytime you hear the bat crack, thats rap, peace.

all day hell

von pea, nothing out the textbooks, texting your snookums pic texting her a sex look, oh damn no no, thats off the solo, bone hoes shaking it to “how low” how so? easily, peezy be the main one beating pink, wink or blink and he’ll be the same one sneaking 3 personals, in the venue with a verse or two to murk a few haters on their iphone chirping to each other, chirping? oops, wrong phone, spit an on poem and honey will take von home, i hope it explains it, in the 3rd lane with your main chick listening to “tainted” headed to the extended stay, the shits with the kitchens, i aint hardcore i can make a hit wearing mittens, and she can take the “uh” where its fitting, and i can take your disc never listen, nothing im missingggggg…

pea, man of mad talents, rap savage, you mad and mad average…brooklyn, came from the soil and didnt strike oil, now i plot foil and make blood boil, saute’ cells, on my worst day i still raise all day hell…

more coming soon